Here at Lazy Hippie Headquarters (ie, my apartment) we understand that you want to go green, buy all-natural, and handcraft all your things.  We also understand that you still have a life and limited funding.  Our philosophy is basically this:  “We love the planet, but what am I?  Superman?”

We know how it feels.  You need to clean your stove, so you go to Walmart and load up on the harshest cleaners you can find.  Then you procrastinate for a while, because it’s a really nasty job.  Meanwhile, your super-vegan-hemp-clothing-quinoa-eating friend comes over, notices your cleaning supplies, and snidely mentions that they’re all killing the planet and that most cleaning can be done with only water and the leaves of  a rare african plant that will also function as shampoo.  Gosh, why even bother?  Now you not only have a heavy burden of shame, but your stove is still nasty.

I remember doing a carbon footprint test in an Environmental Biology class. According to Mr. Suzuki, I should be ashamed because if everyone lived like me, we’d need two and a half earths. I didn’t even own a car at the time so I found this kind of amazing. His advice on how to change? Buy a new washing machine and install solar panels. I was 20 at the time, crammed into a tiny moldy apartment, and neither of those things was anywhere near likely.

So here at Hippie Headquarters we don’t care if you have SLS in your shampoo or heat your house with coal. Who are we to judge?  We figure that it’s better to do what you can and what you have time for, rather than giving up entirely because you can’t do it all.




I am not a freaking scientist.  I will do my best to fact check and verify things, but if you see a discrepancy or anything else wrong, let me know and I’ll fix it.  I’m certainly not an authority on health or chemistry or anything really, so don’t take my word as law.


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