The Vinegar Files

So, my life has been a little wild lately.  This isn’t my personal blog, so I will keep the whining brief:  I am out of a job, and have sent my husband up north for work.   As you may infer, I now have quite a bit of free time, so I am trying to keep busy and productive. And is it ok that I am kind of enjoying it?

Today I finally feel like I’ve accomplished something in getting my house clean.  Up until now this has been a fruitless effort largely because I have been living with four males.  However, with Husband up north and Brothers 1 & 2 out of town for summer jobs, it just leaves me and the fairly tidy Roommate.  We’ve both done some organizing, purging, and tidying, and I’m proud to say the house looks kind of like adults live here.  Adults with a lot of secondhand furniture and swords, but nonetheless.

I am sure you’ve heard that most things can be cleaned with Baking Soda and Vinegar.  I just finally bought some Baking Soda (I don’t bake) and have been using Washing Soda instead, but here’s the Lazy Hippie’s top ten uses of Vinegar.

Yes, the stuff on the restaurant table that no one uses. It's good on fries though!

1. To clean the coffee maker.  I just bought a French Press, so I decided to give our drip machine a good cleaning.  Fill it up with water and a good splash of Vinegar, run it through once or twice, and follow with a plain water cycle.  Give the carafe a scrub and let the whole thing air dry.

2. To clean the rack from my toaster oven.  I soaked it in hot water and Vinegar and the majority of baked on ickies came off with a light scrubbing.

3. To deal with the unspeakable horrors at the back of the toilet seat.  Enough said.

4. To kill the moss on the deck.  Actually my Grandmother told me about this one:  half Vinegar and half water was apparently more effective than any of the commercial moss-killers she bought.

5. As half of the bathroom crime fighting duo.  I use Washing Soda and a damp sponge to scrub out the tub and sink, rinse with water, then spray down with Vinegar.  The ensuing chemical reaction dissolves off any Soda residue as it converts to water.  I don’t rinse off the Vinegar so it works thoroughly, as my baby blue 70’s tub shows pretty much every streak left.  Yes the place smells nasty, so follow it all up with your favourite scented candles.

6. To leave my dishes sparkling. I am blessed with a dishwasher, however, it’s one that leaves my dishes cloudy and dull.  I dump Vinegar and maybe a splash of lemon juice in the bottom of the dishwasher before I run it, and end up with clear, residue-free dishes.

7. As an ingredient in my homemade glass cleaner.

8. In hair rinses.  Except for this I use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of plain white.

9. As a fabric softener alongside this detergent.

10. As….um,  OH!  I used it as a weed killer on the patio at my last house!

Seriously, a massive jug of Vinegar is kind of the holy grail of homemade/green home solutions.  I keep a spray bottle filled with the stuff at all times.  It’s cheap and effective, just make sure you have your scented candles ready afterwards!


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