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Better than Windex

Maybe it’s just me, but cleaning glass around the house is at the same time one of the most frustrating and most satisfying jobs.  Mirrors show every streak and spot if you get it wrong, but look so nice when you get it right!

You probably have windex in your house somewhere.  I mean, those talking crows on the commercial make a good case for it.  But  my mirrors aren’t very forgiving, and that stuff is misting out onto our toothbrushes, and it’s about time there was an effective alternative.


So, I did some research and this is my top pick:

1 cup water
1 cup rubbing alcohol (isopropyl)
1 teaspoon vinegar

Anyways, I was so impressed with this!  It left my mirrors shiny and streak-free with minimal effort.  I couldn’t find a recommendation on what strength rubbing alcohol to go with, but I had 99% under my sink, so I used that.  Actually, just being able to use what I already have around the house is my main criteria.

Good lighting on the bottle comes second.

Anyways, just pour it all in a spray bottle (maybe even re-use your old windex bottle?) and go!  Clean like usual, spray on and then wipe down with paper towel or a polishing cloth… or in my case, a paper napkin with a parrot on it. It’s effective, evaporates quickly, and is low on smell. I even used it to polish the taps, and while this won’t clear off the worst of the grime, (you might need soap for that, what are the odds?) I would still rate this one “totally worth your time.”


Attitude checks

I started writing up a post about how I lost weight a little while ago, figuring that health issues kind of fall under the banner of this blog (I mean, all that dancing in fields and skinny dipping has to be great for your core), but that post will stay in draft-limbo for now. Reviewing it, I realized that a prevailing theme in all my tips was about changing your attitude, and I think this is a big enough deal for it’s own blog.

They all have great abs.

The thing is, we seem to have an attitude problem as a society. I don’t know where it all came from, but it’s pretty common to think along the lines of “Well, I can’t save the world by myself…so why bother at all?” How often do we think like this? About all sorts of things? We believe that if we can’t exercise two hours a day, five days a week, it’s not worth it.  And this applies to our thinking about the environment too.

Why do we do this? Well, honestly I think it’s just old fashioned laziness. It’s easier to not do something, and a ready excuse is that it wouldn’t make a difference anyways in the grand scheme of things. The “All or Nothing” attitude offers a black and white view, and it’s so easy to just do nothing when we think the only alternative is EVERYTHING.

So I propose that instead we take the “Better than Nothing” attitude.   Riding your bike won’t fix the atmosphere in one fell swoop, but it’s one less car on the road.

And ultimately, we’re not responsible for what everyone else chooses to do. We’re responsible for ourselves and our decisions, and deciding to do a little is better than deciding to do nothing.

I’ll add this too: small, practical changes are easier to turn into habits. It’s kind of like training for a marathon when you’ve never run before in your life. You don’t start out running the entire thing, you start running short distances, gradually building up your muscles and endurance. Trying to start running top speed the entire way is likely to get you injured.

So if you’re still looking for a New Years Resolution, try this out! Pick an area where you find yourself taking this attitude, and resolve to change it!

What are little changes we can make that will be better than nothing?  I would love to hear your ideas!